Different types of people in this pandemic

There are few kinds of people in this pandemic, which reflect their true personality:

  1. The fact checker: they seek the facts and adapt their life according to the reality on the ground.
  2. The conspiracy theorist: they see the world through the lens of conspiracy theories, and tend to believe hoax forwarded messages of the cause of the pandemic, the cure, etc, without verifying it. Even if we show the massive evidence that contradict their view to them, they won’t believe it.
  3. The judgemental: they have a certain judgement on everything and everyone, and will only selectively accept the facts or news that justify their biased views. E.g. I still hang out with my friends with no social distance protocol because they’re nice people.
  4. The dismissive: in the age of information overload, being ignorant is a choice. This type of people believe, with so little information as their basis, that the pandemic thing is so hyped up and overdramatic, just because they’re not bothered to see what’s really going on while everyone else around them are panicking. They only see the panic and not the cause of the panic.
  5. The clueless: they don’t know what’s going on, doesn’t have the initiative to find out what’s going on, and instead live life unchanged as normal. Will accept any bogus information at face value from anyone that they respect or believe, without fact-checking.
  6. The overly paranoid: and then we have the opposite. They know what’s going on, get drowned in the sea of information and misinformation, and become overly paranoid and can even be paralysed by their own scary thoughts (which is always worse than the reality on the ground).

Some are the archetypical of the type, while others are a mixed of the 6 types.