For true Liverpool fans out there

This is for the time Jay Spearing became a regular in the lineup, for every time Erik Meijer came off as a substitute, when David N’Gog was the only senior striker we had, for every, God, damn, Lovren blunder.

This is for that Gerrard slip in 2013-2014 season, for the painful 1 point difference last season, and for the 2008-2009 season when we also gave away our leading position to end up as a runner up.

This is for the dark days of Gillett and Hicks, where we were only hours away from becoming bankrupt. This is for Adidas who abandon us when our ship was sinking.

This is for Thiago Ilori whom we never get to see him play, for that Jamie Carragher’s block tackle on Torres’ first debut for Chelsea, Robbie Fowler’s 4 goals against Middlesbrough December 1996 that started my love affair with football, that Xabi Alonso goal from half way line against Newcastle.

This is for walking through the storm together, through the wind, through the rain, to walking on though our dreams be tossed and blown, with our heads held up high. Until we finally reach the end of the storm, and arrive at the golden sky. They did it! We did it! We fuckin did it!