About Me

I’m an old soul, like my jazz collection. Passionate, like my rock concerts. Solemn, like my classical tunes. Bizarrely colourful, like my world music.

I’m an adventure junkie who love to explore the world, blend in with the locals, and taste almost everything at least once. I’m a student of history, a half-baked social activist, who follow Mahatma Gandhi’s quest for truth. Indeed, if I was living in the 1960s I’d probably be a tree-hugging hippie.

A financial market guy, I see the world through a trader’s eyes: through cause and effect, through global inter-connected-ness, through boom and bust and their triggers. I believe that although the world is chaotic and complex, we can eventually find the order out of chaos, even in the most Black Swan moments, by following the money and looking at the incentives for power or the struggle for it.

Most comfortable with the progressive ideas of social liberalism, I also believe that every economic idealism from communism to Keynesianism to any form of laissez-faire are all sound in theory. But each can only be successfully applicable at specific stages of economic growth (best described in Ha-Joon Chang’s analogy of raising a child from a fragile baby into an independent adult), and thus we cannot force any one of them as a one-ideology-fits-all model for every country in the world.

I worship God on Fridays, interpret religion through the eyes of Karen Armstrong, and practice it according to the wisdom of a 12th century Andalusian renaissance-man Averroes. Like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Martin Luther before him I believe that religion is a private matter, and thus religion and state should be separated. And I view those who exploit sacred religion for their dirty political gains as the lowest of the low.

I’m a borderline OCD, freakishly systematic, and have a theoretical basis for every habit that I do. I wake up everyday at 5 A.M., Robin Sharma’s style. I train with Jeff Galloway’s methods for the 1st 20-20-20, and I practice “School of Dan Harris” mindfulness exercise. I take Scottish showers like James Bond does, and use Wim Hof Method for the cold. I implement 16:8 intermittent fasting on weekdays using David Zinczenko’s formula, and apply Michael Pollan’s approach for the 8-hour window. I live my days seeking serotonin optimisation based on Dr. Robert Lustig’s neuro-scientific findings. And I close my day off with Daily Questions as inspired by Marshall Goldsmith. But above all, I found my true sanctuary in Minimalism and I live my life in accordance with Stoic principles.

I’m curious by default, where I live on the borderline between being enthusiastic and just plain weird. I learn a lot of my life lessons from South Park episodes, I follow world current affairs like a juicy soap opera, and I read a pretty diverse range of topic interests: from Plato’s cradle of civilisation to Laos folktales, from global criminal underworld to a [brilliant] book that analyses poo.

More about me at Medium and Strava