Some facts about Israel that you may not know

For those who are wondering why Israel can always get away with their massive crime, and why Gaza doesn’t have the proper military equipment to fight back, here’s some facts about Israel that you may not know:

Israel receives $3 billion aid from the US government each year since 1985, the majority of which goes into military.

The majority of UN member countries have tried to sanction, condemn or label Israel’s action as illegal at the UN Security Council, but the US (with their veto power at the UN) has vetoed every single UN resolution that are critical to Israel, which let them to get away with every crime they conducted. Here’s the full list of the vetoes on Jewish virtual Library.

Every single US president and politician have pledged their undying commitment for Israel, simply because in US politics Jewish Lobby (called AIPAC) is very powerful, the king maker. To go against Israel and AIPAC is a political-career suicide. So the real criminals behind the Apartheid state of Israel is AIPAC. “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt is one of the best books that explains AIPAC.

Now this is very important: not all jewish people in Israel (and all over the world) support this aggression. The problem is not with jewish people, but with Zionism. The movement began to get a serious boost ever since the Balfour Declaration 1917, where the British government declared their support for Zionism, in order to gain counter-support from the large Jewish community in Britain for their increasingly unpopular military actions during World War I. This is one of many jewish movements that are against zionism: True Torah Jews.

Some media try to portray the Gaza aggression as the clash of two equal powers between Israel and Hamas (from inside Gaza). However, while just few miles away Israelis live in a 1st class world, Gaza has been shut down from the outside world by Israel since 2006 and has been deliberately kept close to malnourishment (so they become weak and unable to fight back).

And this is how the very core of the Palestinian economy is destroyed by Israeli and US neoliberal policies.

Israel has top class military equipments, including nuclear weapons, while Hamas has to smuggle their weapons and small rockets into the open-air-prison of Gaza (smuggled from the Rafah Crossing in Egypt border). Israel has iron dome to shield itself from these rockets while Gaza, as we have seen, can be bombed easily.

And then there’s Egypt’s role in all of this. The rise of Hosni Mubarak to power in Egypt through CIA-engineered assassination of president Anwar Sadat in 1981, has made Egypt the bodyguard for Israel (US pays Egypt $1.3 billion annually to safeguard their bordering neighbour). When Mubarak stepped down in 2011 Egypt had a glimpse of democracy, with Mohamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood was democratically elected as the new president. The problem was, Muslim Brotherhood had ties with Hamas and tend to be pro-Palestine, and so after a brief experiment with democracy Mohamed Morsi was ousted by a military coup and jailed for life. And the newly-installed dictator General Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi is, surprise surprise, pro-Israel.

In theory, Israel and Palestine have made several peace agreements in the past, with the Oslo Accord 1993 as the most serious one. Here’s Israel’s many violations of the Oslo Accord.

The quickest way to destroy a country is through a direct war and through destroying its economy. If you want Israel to be hold accountable for its violation of International Law, this is what you can do. There’s actually an app to help you with the boycott.

Just a feedback on whether boycott movement works: in 2009 Israeli exports was hit by European boycotts after Israel attacked Gaza.