What the world media say about Indonesian election

When reading any last-minute news about the election tonight, just remember that despite the claim of free press since 1998 Indonesia is ranked 132 out of 180 countries in World Press Freedom Index 2014, with limited news selections from either biased tycoon-owned media, or conspiracy theorists on their social media accounts / Kompasiana.

There’s often no distinction between facts, opinions and interpretation of facts (which is an opinion), where we often ended up reading viral info that are almost impossible to verify the authenticity. Black campaign, especially tonight, is spreading like wildfire.

Don’t buy into it, be much smarter than that. Instead, here’s what some of the most respected media from around the world have to say about tomorrow’s election, to help us have a better judgement:

The Guardian

Al Jazeera English (video report)


The Economist

Mother Jones

WikiLeaks Cable

The New York Times

South China Morning Post

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Time Magazine

The Wall Street Journal

Financial Times

Foreign Policy

And concluded by the ever brilliant

New Mandala