An impressively researched book, with a relaxed style of writting and humour that makes it a delightful read

“Life in Year One: What the World Was Like in First-Century Palestine” by Scott Korb

Life in year one provides the historical context on what daily life was like in the 1st century Palestine under the Roman Empire control, from 5 BC (which is believed to be the year Jesus was born) until 70 AD (the year the Romans destroyed Jerusalem’s Second Temple).

This isn’t a book about Jesus though, instead it’s more about his neighbours, his fellow Bethlehemite and Nazarene, the politics and economics in his area, the origin of the language he uses (a form of Greek known as Koine), the food, the health, the local customs, the traditions, the war and the death, even the way people flirt back then. I’m absolutely hooked, a really good read.