Pizza analogy for Israel-Palestine peace process

You have a whole pan of pizza, and you’re going to eat it. But then a stranger suddenly comes and claim that your pizza is his pizza, and take them all.

You naturally gets angry and start fighting back and managed to get only 2 slice out of the bunch, when other people arrived at the scene and mediate both of you. These people claim to be neutral but they are in fact that guy’s cousin and his friends.

And so a discussion takes place to determine who’s the rightful owner of the pizza. But while the conversation is ongoing that guy is starting to eat your pizzas slowly, while still clinging on the rest of the pan.

When confronted, he shouts back and claim his right to eat your pizza because he owns the rest of the pan, and he demands recognition from others that the pan that he holds is rightfully his.

Meanwhile, his cousin happens to be the biggest bully in the neighbourhood and he and his friends declare their undying support for this guy and his “right” to hang on to the whole pizza pan, ignoring the simple fact that the pizza is originally yours.

That is Israel-Palestine peace process in a nutshell.