A tresure trove of random knowledge

“The Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know is Wrong” by John Mitchinson and John Lloyd

This is a fun book to read, written in a relaxed, funny, but smart manner. It is a book that provides a treasure trove of random knowledge that breaks myths, exposes misconceptions, and could enhance your odds for winning a pub quiz.

Who knew that there are 2500 different species of mosquitos, Ayers Rock is not the biggest rock in the world, sticking pins in dolls is not a voodoo practice, Roald Dahl wrote all his books using a pencil, there are 2 words that rhyme with orange, and the Catholic Church didn’t fully admitted that Galileo’s view on the Solar System was correct until 1992.

The only drawback for me is the absence of reference or bibliography or any form of evidence to support their claims, which, at best, in some cases that I’m familiar with actually contain one or two minor factual errors. Or at worst, in topics with never ending science-based arguments they present their view as the undisputed fact, such as their claim that sleeping 8 hours a day is apparently more harmful than sleeping 6-7 hours, with no further elaboration.

Thus, this is a book for entertainment purposes only, and perhaps a “gateway drug” to further rabbit-hole research for any of the 230 topics. But independently verify them, we still must.