Bob Proctor’s greatest hits

“The ABCs of Success: The Essential Principles from America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher” by Bob Proctor

This book is the best compilation of Bob Proctor’s thinking, with 67 different topics neatly categorized into bite size chapters in A-to-Z style that cover everything from business to personal matters.

The chapters themselves consist of nearly 4 decades of wisdom acquired from Proctor’s experience as a speaker, consultant, coach, mentor, lecturer and author of more than a dozen books, wrapped within only 204 pages. Hence, the concise, easy to digest, nature of the book.

Although by today’s standard the majority of what he wrote about have become a common knowledge or practice, the book is an excellent reminder of the good old fashioned values and the perspectives that may have been forgotten along the way. It is akin to a last good conversation with a very wise grandfather. A soothing read, R. I. P. Bob Proctor.