The human story behind the legend

“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” by Benjamin Franklin

This is a charming little book that serves as the self-narration of the life of Benjamin Franklin. It is about his hopes and fears, about his education, his mistakes, his relatable love of books, his apprenticeship and vocations before life as a founding father, and what life’s like after the American independence.

The book is kinda messy, however, more like a scrappy diary of a busy person rather than a memoir. It is largely broken down into 4 eras with big gaps between the eras, written with untidy narration, which ended abruptly and unfinished as he passed away.

But nevertheless, there’s something about being unfinished and imperfect that makes this memoir feel authentic, that it gives us the raw and unfiltered insight into the person behind the many hero tales and legends about him. And talking about unfinished…