A little bit of context: Israel Palestine conflict

CONTEXT NO. 1: The big picture

Have you ever noticed that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government very often cause trouble in Gaza and the West Bank during the holy month of Ramadan? Very intentionally.

The UN then usually may or may not issue a condemnation. They even issue a sanction if they’re feeling good about themselves, only to be vetoed by Israel’s – even bigger bully – cousin: the US. Every. Fucking. Time. A proof that UN Security Council is full of shit, designed only to serve the interests of its permanent members and particularly its largest funder.

Frustrations then normally lead the majority of the world’s citizens to join boycotting Israeli products. But after few weeks, the “BDS movement” will fade out and life goes back to normal for most of us. No amount of petitions will make any difference either.

Along the way, plenty of NGOs (such as THAT famous one in Indonesia) manage to collect donations for Palestine, with the flow of money not really answerable to an audit. Sure, some are distributed to help the Palestinians, but the majority of them disappear into thin air. Because the Israeli government also restrict the amount of aid that the Palestinians can receive.

Meanwhile, just after around 4-5 days Erdogan usually show up to milk this crisis to boost his propaganda image.

But after about a week or so the protests of the Palestinians on the ground usually die down, because they literally don’t have the energy to do so (Israel only provide foods to the so-called “open air prison” that meet caloric level BELOW the sufficient amount per person per day).

Moreover, thanks to the strong Israeli lobby in US Congress (AIPAC), US funding to Israel ($3 billion/year + $8 billion loan guarantees) will remain way bigger than their aid to Palestine ($235 million, only restored last month after completely abolished during Trump era) to ensure the Palestinians will never win the assymetric clash against its apartheid ruler.

So things will eventually become nice and quiet again in the media, until Netanyahu needs the conflict to escalate once more, so that he can distract the public from his many corruption scandals, or to win an election (this time he failed to create a coalition, and they may need to do another election).

And the cycle will repeat itself in a few months time, in a similar manner.

CONTEXT NO. 2: Analogy

Read the news and replace the word “al-Aqsa Mosque” with “Vatican.” That’s pretty much what’s happening now. The Israeli government is attacking the 3rd holiest site for Islam, in the holiest month. Now imagine the reaction if Italy is raiding, shooting and burning the Vatican during Christmas.

The media call it “clashes”, world leaders can only condemn with no action, any real sanction by the UN will be vetoed by the US, and they will get away with it.

CONTEXT NO. 3: History

Israel vs Palestine is not the long ongoing fight between the Biblical Israelites vs Philistine, they’re both long gone as an ethnic group. The Israelites vanished after 722 BC when they were crushed by the Assyrians, While the Philistines disappeared by the late 5th century BC after they were destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia.

While the native Palestinians are Arabs, the Jews in there have roots from Ashkenazi Jew in Georgia, who came to the British-controlled Palestine from mostly Eastern and Central Europe thanks to a movement called the Zionist movement. The movement was boosted by the rise of Hitler who slaughtered every Jew in sight in late 1930s-1945, which in western Germany and northern France were mostly Ashkenazi.

It is as if European Gypsies (another “homeless” tribe) choose 1 country to be their motherland, start mass-migrating there, and eventually after having enough Romani in the country they start claiming independence. Or imagine the many Burmese refugees in Bangladesh one day declare the country theirs and rename it to “Rohingya”, and start treating the native Bangladeshi as 2nd class citizens in an apartheid system.

The Zionist Jews deliberately use the Biblical name “Israel” to justify their occupation of the Palestinian land, after the British left abruptly in 1948 without a clear succession plan and then acknowledged the independence claim at the UN. To make sense of this move by Britain, google: Balfour Declaration.

CONTEXT NO. 4: Politics

Newton’s 3rd law state that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But for an assymetric action, where the victim has no equal power against the abuser, the opposite reaction will manifest itself in the form of guerilla movements. This is how Hamas was born among the oppressed Palestinians.

For every jet fighter missile attacks by the Israeli government, Hamas can only retaliate with rocket shots that were smuggled into their compound. For every systemic killing by the Israeli government (such as food restrictions, violence by soldiers on the ground with the latest technology, etc), Hamas’ best effort is to attack back using terror tactics such as suicide bombings and threats that generate much less victims.

Don’t get me wrong, Hamas is without a doubt a condemnable terrorist group. But they use terror as a tactic because their even more condemnable oppressor have more potent power than terror: legalization.

What Israel do may be ilegal (for example in the current crisis they violate Article 4 of the Geneva Convention and UN Security Council Resolution no 478), but it’s not a big problem in the eyes of the compromised international community. Just as the other settler-colonies such as US, Canada, and Australia have done so themselves: the genocide of Indians and Aborigins, for example, were not punishable by the law that they create for themselves.

Hamas is only one of several reactions that came out from the oppression. While Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) resort to religious fundamentalism (and revolutionary in nature, AKA war-minded), there are also nationalistic organisations that are evolutionary in nature, such as Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and its dominating faction, Fatah. Remember Yasser Arafat? He was the chairman of PLO, the closest attempt for them to achieve a peace agreement with Israel (the Oslo Accord), before Israel decided to poison him a decade later.

Hamas is based in Gaza, while PLO is based in the West Bank. Israel likes the PLO because it is weak and submissive, the international community even give them an observer status in the UN (at par with Vatican and Taiwan). Whenever you read about the Palestinian Authority and its Palestine President (Mahmoud Abbas) that’s [currently] PLO.

Hamas, on the other hand, is a dick. Israel hates Hamas. So much so that when Hamas took full control over Gaza, the Israeli government blocked the area into practically an open air prison until now. PLO also hates Hamas because they keep derailing PLO’s diplomatic efforts with fresh terror attacks (which became THE excuse for Israel for breaking any negotiation).

Things get complicated because Hamas is eventually funded by Hezbollah of Lebanon, which in turn is funded by Iran. Meanwhile, Israel is funded by the US, and protected by Egypt and Saudi. So like in many places in the Middle East, such as Syria and Yemen, Palestine is another battle ground for their proxy wars.

So who are the bad guys? The oppressor, for sure. But the good guys? This isn’t a Hollywood movie where there’s a clear line between the protagonist and antagonist, as Hamas is a terrorist group while Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority is a corrupt institution that benefits only the few. The victims are clear though, the ordinary Palestinians.

The Palestinians are played like a pawn, and get killed in the process, because Netanyahu failed to grab power in the last Israeli election (unable to form a coalition to back him), while awaiting trial for his many corruption scandals. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas (of PLO) is postponing the first Palestinian election in 15 years, and blaming it on Israel for not allowing voting in East Jerusalem (which the Israeli government denies, but will benefit from).

This pisses Hamas off, with Hamas simultaneously angry at Israel for doing so and accusing PLO of deliberately delaying the election so that Hamas will not secure their inevitable win (Mahmoud Abbas is growingly unpopular among Palestinians).

This is why an incident in the West Bank can now spillover to a full-blown war in Gaza.

CONTEXT NO. 5: The core problem

Unfortunately, none of these touching big protests around the world matter, not a single country can do anything to change the reality on the ground, not even a UN sanction can prevent the violations to happen in front of our eyes, if AIPAC still exist.

And as long as AIPAC exist US will forever flex its muscles, pulling strings and threats to everyone standing up against “Israel’s right to self defense.” Just look at those impotent Arab countries who do absolutely nothing concrete to save their massacred brothers and sisters.

That’s why the talks among countries only amount to “de-escalating tension” or “stopping the violence” or aiming for “ceasefire”, and not punishing the killer(s) or penalizing them for attacking worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque (violation of Article 38, third paragraph, of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV).

What about Israel violating another Geneva Convention on freedom of press (Article 79 of Additional Protocol I) by literally bombing down an entire building that housed the Associate Press and Al Jazeera? And killing medical staffs and experienced doctors in Gaza (article 36 of 1949 Geneva Convention II)? They got just a tiny slap in the wrist and being asked to pinky promise not to repeat that naughty behaviour again.

Just like NRA is a cancer for the ridiculously preventable gun violence problem in the US, AIPAC is the biggest cause that ensures this slow cleansing of Palestinians is happening (the “collateral damage” for their full occupation of the land). The lobby group also tie the hands of every single US president since 1963 from taking any action against Israel and/or for Palestine. Even Obama who publicly dislike Netanyahu still cannot do anything significant to dismantle the apartheid.

So, the solution is actually simple (but not easy, borderline impossible): Abolish AIPAC (and its coalition), and you won’t believe how fast the enduring Israel Palestine conflict can be over.