Snippets of the wisdom of Peter Drucker

“The Daily Drucker” by Peter F. Drucker

This is the thinking of management guru Peter Drucker summarised into one book. It is great for an introduction but lacking the flows and wider contexts that we would normally get from his books and articles.

The content also do not age that well. For instance, when he is talking about the progress of technology he uses e-mail as the innovative example. He also mentions outsourcing as the increasing trend among organisations, while I forgot how distant early 2000s was when Drucker uses IBM vs Apple as an example for innovation (with IBM as the innovative one and Apple as the loser). This lack of edginess or fresh perspectives are pretty much reflected throughout the book.

This, of course, is probably a bit unfair since Drucker sadly passed away in 2005 and a lot of changes have occurred since then. Nevertheless, this respectfully explains why reading this book sometimes feels like reading an academic textbook back from my business school days.