The most exciting book about marketing

“Perennial seller: The art of making and marketing work that lasts” by Ryan Holiday

This is a case for taking it slower and doing it right. To ignore the noise and instead focus on the mastery of our craft. To bidding our time and produce our creative outlet until it is so perfected that it last a long time.

This is also a case of the grueling reality of the producing process and how to handle it properly, and the excitingly bizarre ideas to promote our creations in catchy and effective ways.

And ultimately, this is a case of establishing our platform, developing our network, or in short, building our “1000 true followers.” It’s the difference between building a company and an empire, between a one hit wonder and a perennial seller.

It is by far the most thorough and most exciting book about marketing that I’ve ever read. With the many diverse examples and case studies that are just spot on, which I expect nothing less from a Ryan Holiday book.

In fact, this is like the tell-all book where Ryan Holiday seemingly give away his success formula on his several expertises, from how to be a prolific writer, to how he enduringly handles the producing processes, and how he masterfully conducts the marketing aspects with so many fresh ideas.

In short, it’s a very creativity-provoking book, definitely one not to miss.