The notebook of the concierge of knowledge

“Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss

I’ve never been a proponent of re-reading books, because there are so many great books in the world and so little time to read them all, why waste it by reading something that we’ve already read? But every once in a while there’s a book that’s truly worth to be read and re-read multiple times due to the immense info we can learn from them at different stages in our lives. This book is one of them.

The first time I read this book 3 years ago I was just at the beginning of my transformation journey, from more than a decade of unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle into a habit evolves around 5 pillars: sleep well, eat well, exercise, meditate, and healthy social connections. And this book greatly helped me to set the foundations for those transformational contents, and became like the main hub of information for me to dig deeper into the 5 pillars.

This time around, the 100+ titans listed here became not just another faceless teachers but actually turn out to be the big names that I have since read their books, read their articles, or listen to their podcast interviews (most of whom are in the Tim Ferriss Show, naturally). And the knowledge I have gathered and the lessons I have learned directly in the past 3 years have made me understand some of the things that I missed or didn’t understand in the first reading of the book.

This is not the first time I revisit this book, however, as every once in a while whenever I need to find specific info within the scope of the 5 pillars, chances are I will find it in this book or at least I will find a link or reference that can kick start my research mode (heck, I even bought 5 books as a result of the recommendations from this re-reading). This is how resourceful this book is, a testament to Tim Ferriss as whom I consider as the concierge of knowledge.

And so I digress, if there’s one book that deserves to be read and re-read it’s this book, the compilation of notes from the concierge of knowledge himself.