The summary of seemingly every prominent crime stories in history

“The Crime Book: Big ideas simply explained” by DK

After reading few books on happiness, well being, and stuff like discovering your inner Buddha, I thought to myself you know what I haven’t read for a while? A f***ed up book on f***ed up people. So, here we are.

It is an absolutely billiant book with a complete history of every crime imaginable, covering organised crimes, heists and robberies, gang violences, mafia related violences, white collar crimes, serial killers, political assassinations, and so much more. With prominent names and cases from Yakusa, Jack the Ripper, Ponzi scheme, Bernie Madoff, the murder of Tupac Shakur, the charm of Ted Bundy, the enigmatic Rasputin, Pablo Escobar and the drug wars, the assassination of JFK, and hundreds more sick stories that shook the world.

Holy cr*p that was one gruesome book. Couldn’t recommend it more. 5 stars.