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“How To Enjoy Your Life and Your Job” by Dale Carnegie

Every once in a while, I resort to Dale Carnegie after a long streak of reading books on various topics. I do this because as a man who lived in the 1890s – 1950s he produced the clearest good-old-fashioned values, which fittingly feels at home after a long journey outside. And this book is no different.

Published in 1970, the book is a some kind of summary of his 2 most famous books, “How to win friends and influence people” and “How to stop worrying and start living”, which are then catered to the particular subject displayed as the title of this book. While the book is published posthumously, it has the familiar Dale Carnegie’s style of writing, the endearing pop references from his time, complete with his template of heart-warming examples to illustrate the points that he’s trying to make.

And similar with his previous 2 magnificent best-sellers, and a 3rd one about public speaking (equally excellent), this book also teased me into highlighting every single paragraph, because they all seem to be important. But that’s how home should feel like, wouldn’t you agree? It’s that feeling of ease and security when you’re inside the house, where nobody is judging you, where there’s nothing but love, where every single item in the house is important and valuable for you. And that is what this book is for me.