My head hurts

“Superintelligence: Paths, dangers, strategies” by Nick Bostrom

This is a very important book for the future of humankind, albeit a difficult one to read.

The book makes a terrifyingly compelling argument on why the Artificial Intelligence (AI), if managed wrongly, would potentially be bad for humanity. It covers the fascinating history of artificial intelligence development, from its simple beginning to the complicated web we’re in right now.

It’s very clever and highly technical (heck, I only grasp like 40% of the concepts), which I’m pretty sure can guide us to build our own AI from scratch to superintelligence level. Maybe. I dunno. In fact the book is so advanced-level, that after reading 30% of the book I thought, you know what? I believe him.

I expect nothing less from Elon Musk’s no. 1 favourite book. My head hurts.