This is why Jakarta is in semi-lockdown

First, the twitter thread on what happened with the spread of Covid-19 in Italy:

When some experts say Indonesia is about 2 weeks behind Italy, they’re not joking around. Italy’s D11 is Indonesia’s D1 (first 2 confirmed cases announced on 2 March). So the next 14 days COULD be very crucial for Indonesia.

Of course no two cases are ever the same,
(for example Italy had 2040 cases on its D11 while we “only” had 69 cases, thankfully) but it’s the risk-probability that the government simply cannot afford to take. So when the government urges us to do anything, including staying at home, if possible please comply.‬

Because did you know why two days after Italy’s lockdown of the northern region on 8 March, they decided to lockdown the entire country? Because many northerners then proceeded to travel to the south, and further spread the coronavirus to the entire country. Hence the escalated figures from 10,150 cases on 10 March to 21,157 today (and it’s not even 2 weeks yet from 8 March).