Covid-19 in perspective

As of today, there are 88,590 confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) worldwide, with 3,052 total deaths (3.44% rate). But note that 45,122 people have also recovered (that’s 50.93% rate).

Among the remaining 40,416 cases that are still active: 33,041 (82%) are in mild condition and 7375 (18%) are in critical condition.

In comparison, there are around 1 billion seasonal flu cases in the world annually, with death rate of up to 650,000 people each year. And this year alone deaths from seasonal flu have reached 81,765 people, that’s nearly 27 times the fatality of the entire Covid-19 outbreak.

So what’s with all the coronavirus drama? Both still have no cure, but while seasonal flu is the devil that we know, with Covid-19 there are simply a lot of unknowns. But the good news is, the quick response and the [sometimes seemingly] overly-drastic measures ensure that the Covid-19 remains under control. You know, just in case.

So the breaking news of 2 infected people in Indonesia can be scary, but it’s not a disaster. You know those many useful tips on how to prevent Covid-19? Do them, and we should be fine. Because a body with a healthy immune system could not get infected by coronavirus.

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