What’s going on in Sudan?

December 2018: Omar al-Bashir’s government hiked the price of loaf of bread from 1 Sudanese pound to 3 Sudanese pounds. It sparked a wave of unrests similar like in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011 when the price of wheat skyrocketed.

April 2019: the unrests became a good momentum to topple 30 years dictator Omar al-Bashir, whom was ousted in a coup by the military headed by Lieutenant-General Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf. But he took control without becoming head of state, instead he established the 2019 Transitional Military Council, and resigned the following day in favor of Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. The military declared 2 years of miltary rule.

Basically the protests and the bloodsheds are to demand for democratic election right now, to elect a civilian government. It gets complicated because al-Bashir is Saudi-backed, and Saudi-UAE have already promised $3bn aid to the transitional military government. The people don’t want this to be like in Egypt where one puppet Mubarak (al-Bashir) was eventually replaced by another puppet al-Sisi (al-Burhan).