R.I.P. somebody I never really knew

I hesitated for 2 days to post this pic, because I’m not that close with her, and the only 1 time I met her after graduating high school was 6 years ago, on a less-than-an-hour lunch.

But yet I’m pretty bumped out that she’s gone, without knowing why. And then I realise something just now.

Everyone have 24 hours a day, from jobless and homeless people to presidents and billionaires. We don’t have time but we make time, time to do what’s required, and time left to do what’s important for us. And as we grow older, our priorities change and grow with us. Some become busy with their small family, some travel the world, some got caught up at work, and most of us got new friends and colleagues along the way.

The death of an old friend is a cruel reminder, of the time we have half-wasted being busy doing these grown up stuff.

And now I actually regret not making more time to spend with someone I never really knew.

R.I.P. Agnes.