They’re right, game theory is an effective tool for parenting

“The Game Theorist’s Guide to Parenting: How the science of strategic thinking can help you deal with the toughest negotiators you know — your kids” by Paul Raeburn and Kevin Zollman

I initially bought and read this book because I love behavioural economics, and I’m intrigued by the idea of using game theory as a strategy to raise my kids.

But to my delightful surprise, the book covers more grounds than just parenting. The authors give the widest range of examples from the fascinating world of game theory, and can somehow directly put them in the context of parenting.

Even for those who are not looking for a parenting guide can still immensely enjoy the book, as its tools can also be applicable in other types of relationships.

It is hugely entertaining, often funny, and most importantly the theories work very effectively.