This is for the kids

I want my kids to live in a future where ethnicity won’t be a determinant factor, religion won’t be a political tool, and their country is in harmony with diversity.

I want them to live in a world where grass-root people-power prevail against the funding of corrupted political dynasties, where work ethics and results are more appreciated than deceptions and lies, where the best man/woman wins because of their capabilities not based on their connections or political endorsements.

I want my kids to feel safe, not terrorised by their own religion. I want them to see the examples that their religion is indeed sacred and peaceful, even highly sophisticated just like in the times of the Golden Age.

I want them to grow up in a clean and efficient environment, where the leaders are fair and transparent, and the government facilities and services are 1st class.

And I’m giving my kids this future. Starting with giving my 1 vote to the right person today. Insya Allah.