Hillary won the popular votes

Just in case u missed it: HILLARY WON THE POPULAR VOTE

Hillary 59,483,240 votes

Trump 59,294,288 votes

The “people” elected Hillary

But “the system” elected Trump

How did that happen? The answer: The electoral college.

Americans did cast their votes for a new president, but the electoral college eventually made the final decision: 538 electoral voters represent 50 states and District of Columbia. And the candidates need 270 votes to win.

Trump won because he got 289 electoral college votes, even though Hillary won almost 200,000 more popular votes than Trump.

In the 2000 US presidential election, Al Gore also received 543,000 more votes than his rival George W Bush. But Bush was still declared the winner because Bush won the electoral college votes.

That’s why there were riots when Bush became president, and that’s why there are riots in many cities now in the US. Their vote do not matter.

Democracy? What democracy?

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