Trump: The rise of evil?

Donald Trump re-tweeted Italian dictator Mussolini’s quote and refused to condemn former KKK leader who backed him. Anne Frank’s step sister and two former Mexican presidents all said that he reminds them of Hitler, while French Neo-Nazi Jean-Marie Le Pen, Dutch’s prominent nut job Geert Wilders and some other European Far Rights not surprisingly are endorsing him.

Meanwhile, former CIA director said that if Trump is elected president the military might not obey him (and implying of a possible coup), Wall Street and the markets are already spooked by him, and even the GOP itself is having an internal conflict over the possibility of him becoming their front runner.

He’s racist, he’s sexist, and he provokes religious hatred. He’s even a Lannister. But yet Donald Trump is still winning the Republican primaries. How on earth can he pull such a stunt? One possible explanation for this is what’s written in this hoax meme, which makes perfect sense considering that Trump is currently leading thanks to only blurted out chants and meaningless rants in his campaign speeches instead of clearly describing his actual policies. Another possibility is that there are simply a lot more white supremacists in the US than previously thought. Or maybe, just maybe, he really is a great presidential candidate and all of the Trump critics somehow get it wrong?

One thing is for sure, although he’s technically not a fascist he’s a pretty damn close one, at least during this presidential campaign. And we all know what happened with 1930s Europe under fascism. Be careful what you wish for, America.

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