Articles to help us understand what ISIS is all about

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You can’t understand ISIS if you don’t know the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia [Huffington Post / Alastair Crooke]

And also the myth (and exploitation) of the Sunni vs Shia war [Al Jazeera English / Murtaza Hussain]

But don’t be fooled, a lot of the ISIS members are not a devout Muslims. They don’t even practice the religion. While some have been caught reading “Islam for Dummies” and “The Koran for Dummies” before launching their attacks [New Statesman / Mehdi Hasan]

How they expands: maps on the terrifying spread of ISIS [The New York Times / Hannah Fairfield, Tim Wallance and Derek Watkins]

Are all of the horrible acts conducted by ISIS justifiable by Islam? [The Independent / Adam Walker]

The most baffling of all: “ISIS has a small fighting force, which the US puts at 20,000 to 25,000 in Iraq and Syria, and another 5,000 or so in Libya. Compared to the number of active military personnel in Syria (125,000), Iraq (271,500), Saudi Arabia (233,500), Turkey (510,600), or Iran (523,000), ISIS is minuscule.” So why does ISIS command such a terror presence in the world? [Project Syndicate / Jeffrey D. Sachs]

Why does France keep getting attacked? [The Guardian / Jason Burke]

Why they keep succeeding in attacking France? Poor intelligence monitoring on this group of people [Bloomberg View / Leonid Bershidsky]

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