If I was stranded in an island and can only bring 1 book, this would probably be it

“Passing Time in the Loo: v. 2” by Steven W. Anderson

The book is a 606 pages of worthy library filled with seemingly all the information you need to know to be a very knowledgeable person.

In a condensed but well-written style, the book has a perfect balance between fiction and non-fiction collection: short biographies of 25 of the most influential personalities in history, summary of 35 of some of the best business books (from Tom Peter’s “A Passion for Excellence” to Peter Lynch’s “One Up on Wall Street”), 19 synopsis in personal effectiveness books (like “7 habits of highly effective people”), 80+ classical literature summaries (such as Dickens, Shakespeare, Thoreau, Wilde, Voltaire and Hemmingway), and even the synopsis of some of the most influential books for mankind such as Darwin’s “Origins of Species”, Marx’s “Das Kapital” and Plato’s “The Republic.”

Moreover, the book also has a huge volume of inspiring quotations, a no-nonsense guide to a lot of practical things, challenging quizzes and miscellaneous trivial facts from geography, to sports, art and music. Although the title of the book is slightly damaging its credibility, I can’t deny that with the short narrative for each topic, it is indeed best to read the book in a toilet. After all, can you think of a better place to learn and contemplate some of the best knowledge in life?